M RS1 Dream Kona Race Suit
M RS1 Dream Kona Race Suit

M RS1 Dream Kona Race Suit

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Using AeroSkin’s unrivalled technology, the RS1 Dream Kono will help you to glide easily through the water. The front panels and sleeves of the suit use an anti-drag fabric to encourage the water to flow over you whilst you swim, reducing water resistance.

The sleeves are an extremely athletic fit and are specifically designed with ‘stitch-less’ seams to ensure air resistance remains as low as possible. Eradicating stitches from the equation also makes for a much more flexible suit, meaning more freedom of movement and a supremely comfortable fit.

Coldblack technology is employed to reflect the sun’s rays away from the suit’s dark fabric, keeping you cool yet covering you completely. The suit’s thickness varies from 2mm to 5mm to help support you where you need it, whilst still allowing 360° of stretch. In warmer conditions this suit is ideal; the zip at the front runs to the waist and can be undone all the way and the suit has been formed from extremely breathable material to encourage a natural flow of oxygen through the fabric.



Fully bonded seams make the silhouette of this suit smoother, making it even more aerodynamic on the bike. This stitchless construction also promotes greater stretch for increased comfort.


AeroSkin fabric on the front panel and sleeves of the suit reduces drag in the water and improves aerodynamics on the bike.


The suit's athletic fit helps to reduce air resistance, thus reducing fatigue and ultimately making you faster.


The snug fit of the suit, combined with its AeroSkin properties, helps to reduce the drag in the water, helping you to swim faster with less effort.


The suit’s material is so stretchy it will mould to your exact form; this allows complete freedom of movement and a comfortable fit.


The fabrics used are extremely breathable and will promote the circulation of fresh oxygen, and the zip at the front can be undone in hot conditions to encourage greater airflow.


Oxygen fabric with coldblack(R) technology makes it feel like you’re wearing a white suit - perfect for hot conditions without concerns of opaqueness.


Innovative floating 80kg density chamois construction with 2-5mm thickness and all-way stretch fabric guarantees total freedom of movement with excellent fit. An extended zip length makes this suit faster to put on when you get out of the water in transition.